Sunday, January 4, 2009

New Year, New Queer

Happy New Year!! I guess it is time for me to make my New Year's resolutions. I generally try to avoid putting my resolutions in writing so that I can easily forget them and never have to wallow in the failure of not completing them. But this year, I am not only going to write them down, I going to publish them so that you all can hold me accountable.

1. Join a sports team. A few people know that I have been mulling over the idea of joining a gay soccer team. I'm still undecided on that one, but even if that doesn't happen, I have a pending invite for a volleyball team with some friends or I could start a softball team over the summer.

2. Gain 10 pounds...and keep it. Yeah, I meant what I said. I'm ultra skinny and it is near impossible for me to gain weight. But I'm going to try again. I tried to gain weight in college, and it worked for a little while. But I got sick, didn't eat for two days, lost the 8 pounds I gained, and never started my eating regime again.

3. Read a book. This probably seems really easy to all of you, but I am a "I'd rather see the movie" kind of person.

4. Don't read Twilight (or watch the movie). Enough said.

5. Compose two songs, music and lyrics.

6. Get a limited use recommend and do baptisms at the temple.

7. Do something you have never done before.

8. Take a picture of something breathtaking (a picture of yourself doesn't count!!)

9. Perform an act of service for someone else and don't let them know.

Okay, in honor of 2009, I'm stopping at #9. Wish me luck.


Bravone said...

Great goals, except #2! I wish you the very best in accomplishing them.


Anonymous said...

Oh, I have some fabulous suggestions for gaining weight. I also know of a book you can read (wink wink) and I'll bet I can get you to come see Twilight with me. It is really not as bad as it sounds! Miss you already!