Saturday, July 12, 2008


It's been awhile since my last post. Life has been CRAZY! I have been on a spiritual and emotional roller coaster. I'm going to make this post short and simple with just a few tidbits I have learned lately.

1) A supportive family makes a world of difference.

2) Coming out is a form of therapy. I have started telling close friends and relatives about my SGA. Some of them think that I come out to them so that they can know. I think that coming out is more beneficial to me than to them because it allows me to free myself from secrets and lies.

3) Gay events are awesome. They are decorated to perfection, have amazing food, and everybody loves to hug.

4) Everybody struggles. I used to think that I was only person who had major problems. Believe me, everybody has problems. I have found that listening to my friends' struggles and trying to give advice has also helped me to find solutions to my own trials.

5) Rain is cleansing. Every time it rains, think of it as a clean slate. (sorry for those of you living in the desert)

6) Read Alma 7 and tell me what you think.

7) Keep your life clean and organized. A neat bedroom or a clean bathroom really can make your days better.

8) Minimize the "downtime." We all have moments where we throw up our hands in frustration and think "I give up!" The key is to not let those thoughts or emotions linger. When you fall off the horse, you can cry about it for an hour and then get back on, or you can immediately get back on. It's the same result.

9) Set goals. If you aren't a goal person, set easy ones at first to get you started. Then gradually increase the level of difficulty.

10) "Sell buy" dates on cheese are not an exact science.