Sunday, January 25, 2009

I am not a struggler

Here is a list of things I struggle with:

(1) My job
(2) People with nasty habits, like biting your nails and spitting it on the an work--Who does that???
(3) Other people's driving skills (or lack thereof) skills are exceptional, by the way
(4) mama always told me I would make a terrible drug addict because I can't stand needles
(5) Seeing girls' cracks when their pants are too low
(6) Smashmouth
(7) Physics
(8) Will & Grace being gone for years now and no quality show featuring a gay character to take it's place
(9) Camping...and enjoying it
(10) Capri pants...especially the kind for men

Notice anything about that list. Or something that didn't make the list. My sexuality. I do not currently nor do I think I have ever considered myself to "struggle" with my sexuality. I think it's a little funny how many people have prayed for their homosexual feelings to be taken from them. I have never done that. Instead, when I was younger, I prayed really really hard that God would send me a really hot man for me to kiss, just to check and see. It didn't quite work out. I think God was too busy taking away your gayness. Oh, wait...looks like he didn't get to you either. Sorry.

Instead of struggling with my sexuality, I instead choose to embrace the parts of my life that have been improved because of my feelings for men. I am a great listener (because I never wanted to talk about myself). I have become much more compassionate to the "outcasts" of the world (because I was/am an outcast). I can tell my male friends when they are wearing a truly awful shirt that would act as a repellent to the opposite sex (ladies, I can help you, too...see #'s 5 and 10 above).

I just don't struggle with my sexuality. I might have a day where I debate "Oh, should I tell this person about me." Or think, "Geez, I think that guy is cute. God, can I take back my promise for about an hour?" But my sexuality is turning me into something beautiful, and confident, and powerful. And I couldn't imagine it any other way.


invisible said...

I love your attitude. Lol. Amazing post. We all can learn from you attitude! Keep rocking on, dude!

Bravone said...

Love your thoughts. Thank you.

Sarah said...

Awesome. Thanks for sharing

El Genio said...

If you're looking for another TV show, might I suggest Brothers & Sisters. I am just starting from season 1 and have been pleasantly surprised.

LDS Pride said...

El Genio, thanks for the suggestion. I have always been a little curious about the hype over Brothers & Sisters, but I have really tried to avoid getting hooked onto new shows because I currently have plenty of shows on my plate that I already can't keep up with.

Alan said...

I SO agree with you. I feel patronized and belittled by all the "burden" and "affliction" talk. Tough as it is sometimes, I like this part of myself very much.