Sunday, November 23, 2008

My Heart is Heavy

Before I started this blog, I debated in my own mind as to whether I would use my words for political activism. I made the decision that I wanted my message to convey love, understanding, enlightenment, hope, and goodness of the gospel, and also to make people smile along the way. It was obvious to me that the politics of life carry too much danger for misunderstanding and contention.

Over the past few months, the political climate has intensified, seemingly forcing people to choose sides and defend their positions as if it was a battle between life and death. I have been bombarded with opinions, arguments, justifications, and examples from both sides of the fence. I have received the mass e-mails. I have seen the blog posts. I have read hundreds, maybe thousands, of comments that have encompassed the world wide web.

My heart is heavy. Words of hate have been shared. Fingers of accusation have been pointed. Respect for one another, as sons and daughters of a magnificent Heavenly Father, has dissipated.

I love my friend who decided to write a discourse about why the acceptance of homosexuality is ruining the fabric of our society. I love my friend who attended a rally on Capitol Hill to support his belief that he and his same-sex partner have the right to marry. I may not agree with one or the other. I may not agree with either. But my opinion does not change the fact that I love each of them as a child of God and as my friend. No matter their convictions, or beliefs, or political stance, I love them.

Please, my friends, continue fighting for what you believe, whatever that may be. Take action. Do not back down for something that you feel so passionately about. But please, stop the personal attacks. Stop the insults. And for goodness sake, stop the exclamation points!!! Tell someone that you love them before you disagree with their stance.

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Bravone said...

I agree with your sentiments. It has torn apart our own gay community. We all have a right, need, and sometimes responsibility to express our opinions, but hopefully we can do it in a considerate, thoughtful manner.